New York City Is In Afghanistan - Bill Dolson - Timeline/Budget

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A trip would be made to Afghanistan to install the camera and arrange for continuous internet access for the duration of the live version of the artwork. Prior to the trip contacts would be established to insure the availability of internet access and secure local assistance for the installation. Logical contacts include television news agencies (CNN), the US State Department, local ISPs, and most importantly, local arts organizations in Afghanistan.

Here are some interesting facts about the internet infrastructure in Afghanistan.

The Afghan state airline, Ariana, has twice weekly flights from Kabul to Frankfurt and daily flights to Dubai. Round trip fare from Dubai is $433. Virgin from New York to Dubai round trip is $1295.

The Area Around Kabul, Afghanistan from Google Earth
looking to the North
Implement compositing, hosting, and archiving software4 weeks
Afghanistan trip advance work
obtain equipment8 weeks
install NJ webcam1 week
install Afghanistan webcam1 week
test and tune1 week
Minimum time from funding to live piece15 weeks

Afghaniston Webcam Install
1 week travel to Kabul
meal and accomodations$500
Olympus C-8080 used$400
Dell Latitude laptop - used$200
Outdoor camera enclosure$200
Camera mount $200
2 months ISP connectivity$200
Afghani caretaker fee$300
New jersey Webcam Install
Olympus C-8080 used$400
Dell Latitude laptop - used$200
Outdoor camera enclosure$200
Camera mount$200
2 months ISP connectivity$200

The artist will supply any addtional funds needed to complete the work. The artist will not recieve a fee from the funding.

The artist will host the work on a dedicated server he maintains to host his arwork site.

For the gallery exhibition an attempt would be made to obtain a loan of a digital cinema projector. If this is not successful a standard HD projector would suffice. It is assume the cost of an installation would be borne by the exhibiting entity.