New York City Is In Afghanistan - Bill Dolson - Technique

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The View of Manhattan from Eagle Rock Reservation
Image from Google Earth

The artist uses high-resolution digital still cameras to record imagery, even if the final result is video. The cameras used for this piece would be 8M pixels, giving an image 3264x2176 pixels, unusual high resolution for a web cam. The compositing software, which would be authored by the artist, would down-rez these images for web access and even for gallery projection if needed.

For the gallery projection form of the piece it is proposed to use one of the new generation of digital cinema projectors. Designed to replace 35mm film projectors in movie theaters these are the highest resolution video projectors available, 3996 x 2160 pixels, and would take full advantage of the high resolution of the original images.

While the gallery installation would consist of a single image, the online presentation offers the possiblity to create a denser experience of the work, with the option of showing the individual camera images before compositing, with and without time delay, as well as the composited image.

A site has already been chosen for the New York City camera, Eagle Rock Reservation, a county park in New Jersey atop a high escarpment with a commanding view of New York City. A similar location would need to be found in Afghanistan with comparable azimuth and inclination angles so that perspective and sun angles matched.

Interestingly there is the option to use the sky from either location. This could create a fascinating dissonance when sun and cloud conditions do not match between the two locations.

The work delays the live feed from Afghanistan by the difference in time zones, so that the composited image is formed from two images from the same time of day. The installation is intended to be viewed in New York City, and the image of New York will be real-time.

The installatioin and online work would run live for a temporary period of time determined by funding. It then would be replayed indefinitely from the image archive as a permanent web piece on the artist's and other web sites. The duration of the live piece would be weeks to possibly even months.