monument series chronology
6/7-9/04Idea for Monument Series occurrs while reading "Robert Smithson, The Collected Writings".
6/10/04Discussed modification of my aircraft, a 1966 Mooney M20E, to include a belly camera port with Paul Lowen at Lake Aero Styling, Mooney modification specialists, and FAA Designated Engineering Representative Bob Poe.
6/13/04Discussed large open pit sites with some area resdients, including an elderly gentleman who related the experience of having the entire town where he grew up being consumed by the Bingham Canyon open pit mine in Utah.
6/14/04Made 4 hour flight to shoot photos of the Santa Rita open pit copper mine in Silver City New Mexico. Photos shot hand-held with digital camera out the pilot's vent window.
6-8/04Work on design of aircraft belly camera port. Become aware of upcominging release of Sony HD camcorder. Decide to wait for availability to complete camera port.
10/04Discover that Sony will be releaseing pro HD camcorder with improved performance in February 2005. Decide to get on waiting list and delay camera port installation till then to insure campatitility. Unable to get advance drawing from Sony.
2/21/05Get delivery of Sony HVR-Z1U HD camcorder.