Chronology - Bill Dolson
1952William Robert Dolson born to parents Robert and Vivian Dolson, Oak Park, Illinois, March 29th.
1966-1968Art Institute of Chicago, Junior School, Drawing and Painting
1967-1970Loyola Academy, Wilmette, Illinois
1970-1974University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, College of Engineering, College of Fine and Applied Arts, Initially enrolled in Engineering Physics, transferred to Independent Program of Studies in Computer Science and Fine Arts
1974Move to Brooklyn, New York
1974-1976Formed ensemble with actor/directors Christopher Cox, Philippe Roy, Dan Brady, Peg Zajonc and others. With the group wrote, directed, and shot several dramatic videos on 1/2" B&W tape with support from the NYSCA/Young Filmmakers, acted as videographer for the group's productions.
1976-1982Move to Manhattan, sharing Soho studio loft with Scott Simeral
1978-1982Extended period of collaboration with dance troupe Kinematic, Mary Richter, Tamar Kotoske, Maria Lakis, Robin Klingensmith, and dancers Marcia Trees and Anna Leo.
1978Development with Scott Simeral of concepts for "event-responsive" interactive environments. Formed Retina, Inc. as an "art business" (with conceptual underpinnings) to explore these ideas.
1981Retina, Inc. transformed into Architel Systems, Inc. a "real" business, by attracting venture capital funding.
1981-1983Collaboration with Peter Fend's OECD - Ocean Earth Construction and Development, Inc. Another art business which used satellite remote sensing data to propose geopolitical solutions and marketed remote sensing data to the media.
View pdf of article in "October" Summer 2008 "A Conversation with Peter Fend" describing the activities of OECD.
1985-1991Move to studio space in Little Italy, NYC
1987-1990Extended collaboration with fashion designer Sally Beers fashion videos, runway show sets and lighting.
1989-1991Gradually distanced from art practice and increasingly involved in a Futurist-inspired obsession with auto racing and racing car construction.
1991-2000Live and work in racing car shop in historic commercial building in Boonton, NJ. Enthralled with the elements of craft and usability as well as the dynamism and performance elements of auto racing. Restored and raced historic formula cars.
2000-2002Obtain power and glider pilots licenses, withdraw from auto racing activities.
2002Relocate to ranch in rural New Mexico. Discard all artwork produced to date except for one box of photographs and slides which was accidentally saved, providing the images linked to on the Previous Work page.
2004Resume art practice, including large scale dynamic land art, high definition video and computer animation, and indoor and outdoor light installations. These works are documented on the rest of this site.
2005Form Heaven & Earth Foundation as an enabling entity for the Large Scale works.
2005-2006Artist in Residence, Eyebeam, NYC. Temporarily relocate to New York City.
2007-presentResume residing in New Mexico.
2009-presentUniversity of New Mexico, College of Fine Arts, Art History major. Deans list.

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A parallel computer engineering career is described here.