Previous Work - Bill Dolson Home
1967-1970Computer music compositions, large nonrepresentational computer graphics on paper produced in segments on computer line printer and assembled, holograms, laser diffraction pattern wall projections
197135mm B&W stills and 16mm film animation "Fluids", 35mm B&W large format prints of computer generated diffraction patterns
197235mm B&W and computer digitized film image portraits
1973University of Illinois - Center for Advanced Computation "Establishment of Connection" Group Show in cooperation with Experimental Music Department - 16 mm film computer animation 3D expanding polyhedra, real-time nonrepresentational computer animation on vector graphics display.
1974Color polaroids, small nonrepresentational images obtained by programming a vector display to draw raster images using large pixels with vestiges of internal drawing within each pixel
197435 mm B&W photographs, Brooklyn, portraits of father Robert Dolson.
1974-1976Dramatic ensemble videos on 1/2" B&W tape. 35mm portraits of many of the ensemble members.
1975Large nonrepresentational images on paper, assembled from computer printer output, computer animation on vector CRTs, theatrical lighting design, "Witness for the Prosecution" Dir. Micheal Hartig, Off Off Broadway
197635mm B&W portraits, 1/2 inch color video tapes of an actress sleeping and waking up and then acting to be sleeping and waking up.
1978Proposal for computer control of the architectural lighting of the World Trade Center to create time-dependent patterns on the sides of the towers. First interest in large scale dynamic environmental works.
1978Military aircraft silhouettes, studio installation. Very large, nearly life size silhouettes of a McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom and Lockheed SR-71 cut from rolls of black photographic backdrop paper.
1978-1982Collaboration with dance troupe Kinematic, numerous 3/4 inch dance videos, performance lighting design, posters, 35mm color photography
1978Created environments in studio loft with a variety of sensors which tracked an occupant as they moved around and reacted to their movements by changing the space's lighting, controlled by microcomputer.
197935mm color slide self portraits, rural still lifes and landscapes
1979Designed simple computer video output device for Retina, Inc. systems using a video game chip and adapted it for computer animation, used as primary art-making tool for the next few years. A reaction to the increasing sophistication and slickness of commercial computer graphics, the machine was deliberately low-tech for a computer display, having the very limited palette and low resolution of a video game.
1980Polygon Series - color polaroids and 35mm prints and slides of computer video images concerned with planar objects which suggest 3D structure but never really become solid.
1981Polygon Animations, computer video animation of the Polygon series.
1981De Stijl TV - Computer Video Animation - approx. 15 min., simulations of compositions by Mondrian based on fairly involved aesthetic rules with some constricted probabilistic outcomes. Began with the early compositions and ended with the Boogie Woogie series. The simulations did not appear whole but were drawn incrementally.
1981Museum of Northern Arizona - gallery environmental lighting - the best implementation of the original "event responsive" interactive environment concepts developed with Scott Simeral in 1978.
1981-1983OECD - Ocean Earth Construction and Development, Inc. - with Peter Fend, and others (see link) Peter Fend's concept, contributed computer expertise and imaging and video.
1982"So Help Me Hannah" - 3/4 inch video by Hannah Wilke with Bob Rubin
1982Suprematist TV - Computer Video Animation - mimicked Suprematist compositions of Malevich again using derived compositional rules with some constrained stochastics.
1983Brooklyn Bridge Centennial Celebration - Computer lighting system animated all bridge lighting as part of the Centennial Sound and Light Show, with Architel Systems, Inc. (The ultimate physical implementation to date of animated lighting concepts first expressed in WTC proposal of 1978 The Grid Switch Series is the next development of these concepts.)
1985Polaroid self portraits
1986Designed and constructed deliberately primitive digital video capture board, again using video game technology and started a series of portraits, video images on polaroid film, involving undersampled images.
1987Camouflage Painting of 1972 Renault R-12 Station Wagon in fighter aircraft pattern, insignia by Donn Castonguay
1988-1989Study of mosaic as precursor to digital images, produced a few studies but no completed works.
1991Installation of large format digital image on paper and race car chassis final event at studio space at 257 Elizabeth St. NYC.